Out and About

Buffalo Soldier Documentary

The Buffalo Soldiers documentary is premiering in Huntsville on April 22. There are two show times, 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets are as follows: General Admission – $10, VIP Admission – $25.  Tickets may be purchased via Eventbrite.com (search “Buffalo Soldiers” and each time comes up as a separate event, for ticket purchase!)  Watch this VIDEO for more info about the Buffalo Soldiers.

Honor Vietnam Veterans

There are many wonderful events coming up around town that will honor our Vietnam veterans. We will be sharing some of them here to keep you aware of the many opportunities to pay honor and respect to these heroes of whom we are all so proud.  Learn MORE.

Tuskegee Airman Bike Show

Swing on down to Redstone Harley-Davidson on April 7 for an exciting afternoon of Bikes, Beer, Music, and more with the 2nd Annual Tuskegee Airmen MC Bike Show and Party. Enter your bike for a chance to win some cool stuff, and on top of everything thats going on it’s a $1000 Saturday! MORE details.

Run for the Fallen

Help us raise funds on April 7 to accomplish our goal of recognizing nearly 20,000 fallen service members across 19 states. Please join the team HERE. We need everyone’s help as we give tribute to Americas fallen heroes over 4 months covering 6000 miles. To volunteer go to http://runforthefallen.org/volunteer/

Constitution and By-Laws Review

The review committee has worked very hard to ensure the revised 2018 Constitution/By-laws are thorough and accurate. We have combined the previous two documents into one in order to better follow the sample format provided in Army Regulation 210-22 (Private Organizations on Department of the Army Installations).

The revised 2018 Constitution/By-laws have been emailed to each member for review. We will vote on whether or not to accept this revised document at the February luncheon. We highly encourage you to read through it carefully and let us know if you think anything is amiss. We sincerely value your input!

To request a copy of the document or to forward any suggestions you may have, email Lori Mitchell, Parliamentarian at rsamccparliamentarian@nullgmail.com.

Wounded Warrior Welcome Bags

RSAMCC members made welcome bags for each of the 30 Wounded Warriors arriving in Huntsville on November 8, 2017. They partnered with Semper Fi Task Force, who is hosting the wounded warriors and their family members or caregivers for the entire week. Hotel, airfare, food and numerous activities for the week are provided. There was a community welcome ceremony on Wednesday and each wounded warrior received a bag in their room welcoming them to Huntsville. RSAMCC included snacks and necessities, but most importantly hand written cards and letters from elementary children from Madison and Hampton Cove elementary.
As a club, we are so proud to be partnering with Semper Fi and for having the honor of participating in this week’s activities.

RSAMCC: Our Name Change


After a very long and formal process, we are so proud to announce that as of February 2018, our name change is finally official! We would like to commend those who have worked so hard to make this happen – namely our fantastic President, Kristina DeBusk and our wonderful Secretary, Stephanie Walburn. There is so much more work behind the scenes than most people know: registering our name with the State of Alabama, filing paperwork with MWR, JAG reviews, just to name a few! So next time you see Kristina or Stephanie, please take a minute to thank them for a job well done!

Kelly Pardew, Advisor
Susan Perna, Honorary President

The process and purpose

The Board proposed that Article 1, Section A of the constitution be changed from – “The name of this organization shall be the Redstone Arsenal Community Women’s Club, herein referred to as the CWC”  to – “The name of this organization shall be the Redstone Arsenal Military and Civilians’ Club, herein referred to as MCC.”

Making this change essentially required a three-step process, which is laid out in Article 8 of our Constitution.

  • First, the amendment had to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the General Board. This was accomplished on September 5, 2017.
  • Second, the amendment had to be presented to the membership at a general membership meeting the month before it is was put to vote. This was accomplished on September 13, 2017.
  • Lastly, the amendment requires an affirmative vote from a majority of the members at a quorum meeting of the general membership. This vote took place on October 10, 2017 at the general membership meeting and luncheon and was passed.

So why did we propose and adopt this change?

In a nutshell, we feel that we can better fulfill our purpose if we have a more inclusive name. The Club’s purpose is delineated in our Constitution:

  • To provide education, cultural and recreational activities
  • To foster and preserve the ideals of good fellowship
  • To promote social welfare and support community activities
  • To support military families, especially those of deployed military personnel.
  • The proposed name reflects a change that is taking place across our military services
    and within our civilian workforce.

Your board has a tremendous amount of respect for the hundreds of members who served in and benefitted from the past programs and efforts of the Redstone Arsenal Community Women’s Club. We want to honor that tradition by adapting to the changing needs of our military and civilian community.