Congratulations to Atty Allred: Atty has continued to serve the RSAMCC and RSA community through her talents for decoration and hospitality. She is the first recipient of the RSA Lifetime Achievement award for her continued service and dedication to Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal communities.

What began in 1985 as an opportunity to highlight homes in downtown Huntsville, Alabama, has now flourished into a lifetime of beautification and leadership throughout the community. Atty Allred, then an active duty spouse, collaborated with the Huntsville Garden Club to highlight the historic homes located in the Twickenham District. She viewed this request as a “call to action.” She immediately agreed to decorate the homes, but needed an Army of assistants. She recruited from within; she chose spouses from her husband’s unit and went to work on a Victorian Christmas theme. The community enjoyed this event and the City of Huntsville was so impressed that Atty continued to lead this for many years. Once word began to circulate throughout the communities of Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal, everyone clamored for her visionary and beautiful creations. The Bicentennial Chapel have been under her watchful eye and supervision since the late 1980’s. The chapel is graced seasonally with her divine floral arrangements and full-scale Christmas decorations. In typical Atty Allred fashion, she continues to lead, inspire, and bring beauty and grace to not only her creations, but to all those with whom she serve.

Congratulations to Lyssa Barrow: Lyssa has taken the Activities position by storm! Her vision and networking skills have joined the Huntsville community at large with the vivacious members of the RSAMCC. RSAMCC is all about the town – thanks to Lyssa and her warmth, fun and charm. She volunteered 300+ hours and brings great credit to RSAMCC!

Melody Mansker, first and foremost serves our community as a military spouse, but is profoundly dedicated to her military family in the Redstone Arsenal and surrounding communities. Further evidence of dedication in that she serves two positions as Executive Board Treasurer and Newsletter Chair position.

She is a tremendous asset to our organization as demonstrated by her keen, artistic talent when producing the RSAMCC monthly newsletter and promotional graphics for our events and monthly luncheons.

Melody’s selfless, dedicated service to two board positions and amassing a total of 653 hours brings great honor to the RSAMCC!

With over 35 volunteers unloading magnolia branches, spreading table cloths and organizing silent auction baskets, it was a flurry of activity in the days leading up to the gala.  One volunteer, in particular, preferred to keep a low profile. However, that low profile soon developed into managing the registration desk, beautifying tablescapes and ironing, ironing, ironing.  Her ability to jump in, lead a task to completion was a tremendous asset to the overall success of the Gala in the Garden 2019. Never was a task too big, too complicated or too serious.  Her laughter and can-do attitude are a testament to the power of women working together for a common cause. She knew what to do, how to do it and did not waste time getting it done. She is a self-starter, is truly ALIVE and now, the Volunteer of the Month for March, 2019, Anne Pfeiffer.

In the New Testament, Hilaros is the Greek word translated to mean cheerful, joyous.  But it also means a sense of readiness.  It means to be ready to act at a moment’s notice – to be prepared.

What is different about our volunteer this month is that she is a member at large.  Her readiness as a member has given way to her cheerful and joyous collaboration for each event since September and is currently serving a critical position on the Gala Committee.  At one point in time, I had to request that she pump her brakes a little and maybe take time to safely deliver her child outside the boundaries of RSAMCC.  Her cheer is contagious and she is serious in her commitment to our organization and serving the needs of community.  Her readiness, consistent YES, and her cheerful, giving heart serve to build the foundation of RSAMCC.  Please provide a warm congratulations for the February 2019 Volunteer of the Month, Vicky Prosser.

Long before Joanna Gaines made a big super splash to the decorating scene, a mini version of her has walked amongst us.  She uses her keen eye for beauty and balance for any project that requires grace and simplicity.  Her small, little hands create big and awe inspiring creations.

She has, without hesitation, said YES for many, many years of service to this community, not only with RSAMCC, but to other organizations as well. She chooses to serve and does so with grace and exceptional quality.  She is a leader that we want to follow due to her kind patience and grace under pressure.  When she is in charge she has the ability to be in more than one place at a time and never turns a deaf ear to the million and one questions at hand. The choice of a Volunteer of the Month is one that takes into consideration duty to position, contribution to community, attitude and overall hours served. This volunteer has been measured for her overall commitment to excellence for her board position, the immeasurable years of service to community and her ability to answer the call to serve with a loving and enthusiastic YES.  The RSAMCC would like to overwhelmingly elect Mrs. Atty Allred as the January, 2019 Volunteer of the Month.

Mohammad Ali astutely recognized that “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”.  As we look forward to the future and 2019, we want to recognize a shining example of such service.  Creative, selfless and tenacious are some of her most valued characteristics.  Her tenacious dedication has broken barriers and established a high degree of excellence and commitment to veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Her tireless commitment and cheerful demeanor have brought tremendous pride and honor to the RSAMCC organization.  We congratulate, Fern Brazda, Volunteer of the Month for December, 2018.