Hello ladies,

May greetings to you all! We are at the end of our very busy club year and so much has happened – changing our name, updating our bylaws and constitution and our most successful ever fundraisers (MOAA golf tournament and Galaxy Gala). We have really outdone ourselves.

This year our focus was to be more service oriented and we accomplished this as we participated in the Vietnam Veterans Lecture Series, Heroes Week and our monthly community outreach collections. Together we have made a difference both large and small. At this year’s awards ceremony we will award 18 merit awards and 14 community grants! It is our biggest achievement yet! You are invited to join us May 8th for the awards ceremony and meet our recipients.

Thank you to my wonderful Board members for their selfless service and to you our club members for your many donations and luncheon attendance. Thank you for your commitment to making this club a continued success for years to come. Many hands have made light work.

I will take fond memories of this year with me as my husband and I transition into retirement. It has been my greatest honor to volunteer and serve in many clubs throughout his career.

Well done my military sisters!