Both clubs looked truly awesome.  All the trees sparkled and glowed with holiday cheer.  We were ever so fortunate to get an article in the Redstone Rocket.  The Santa Lollipop tree and the charming Snow Village were pictured.

For those members who didn’t get to tour the club missed a real treat.  All the trees were gorgeous in their own way.  Just let me give you a peek.

In the entrance, welcoming everyone, was a dazzling Top Hat tree.  It was telling everyone of the fun ahead!  In the Bob Howe room was a colorful party time Mardi Gras tree.  Then on to the Twickenham room,  you walk into Winter Wonderland where a flocked tree is trimmed in red birds, nests, birdhouses, owls, berries and twigs.  Fun!  The Santa Lollipop tree and Snow Village graced the dining room.  Upstairs was our Patriot tree, of course, it was trimmed in red, white and blue.  In the Ballroom stood the 14 foot Victorian tree beautifully trimmed in burgundy, pink and gold.  This was the original tree for the Tree Lighting.  All the Victorian ornaments were hand made by Club members in 1980’s.

The Ballroom has three other trees.  The dreamy Blue tree that now has the original Victorian ornaments.  The Red tree, my signature tree, was simply stunning as it sparkled with all red trimmings.  The last tree in the room is the welcoming Pineapple tree and it was wrapped up in gold, bright green, pink and copper.  As it should not be forgotten, the Twelve Days Christmas banners graced the Ballroom walls.   The beautiful banners were design and made from the old 1978 banners in 1999-2000 by MCC members.
The Ladies Room also had its own tree and what a compliment we got on that!  Received a Christmas card saying that all the decorations in the Club were just beautiful but that the little jewel was in the ladies restroom with the Black and Gold tree!

At the Overlook,  the traditional 12 foot tree trimmed in red, green and gold filled the room with a beautiful sparkle that carried over to the fireplace decorations.

Each room or section had its own tree for the parties.  Except in the dining room, the topiary tree came up missing.  It was a lovely swirl of gold, copper and wine.

Everything clicked together this year into a stunning parade of trees.  A big thanks to the RSAMCC Board for their support, thanks to the Summit staff for their help and the lunches they provided and to all the Club members that participated in putting up, trimming and taking down the trees and decorations.  Thank you all so very much.