Long before Joanna Gaines made a big super splash to the decorating scene, a mini version of her has walked amongst us.  She uses her keen eye for beauty and balance for any project that requires grace and simplicity.  Her small, little hands create big and awe inspiring creations.

She has, without hesitation, said YES for many, many years of service to this community, not only with RSAMCC, but to other organizations as well. She chooses to serve and does so with grace and exceptional quality.  She is a leader that we want to follow due to her kind patience and grace under pressure.  When she is in charge she has the ability to be in more than one place at a time and never turns a deaf ear to the million and one questions at hand. The choice of a Volunteer of the Month is one that takes into consideration duty to position, contribution to community, attitude and overall hours served. This volunteer has been measured for her overall commitment to excellence for her board position, the immeasurable years of service to community and her ability to answer the call to serve with a loving and enthusiastic YES.  The RSAMCC would like to overwhelmingly elect Mrs. Atty Allred as the January, 2019 Volunteer of the Month.