We are still pumped up from our Gala in the Garden!!!! It was a lovely evening and we could not have tackled such a feat without our membership! Thank you to everyone who donated wine/spirits and items for our auctions!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to planning meetings and offered your ideas, suggestions, and talents, and those who helped on gala day and evening. We have such an extraordinary group. Our setup volunteers came in ready to work and did such a phenomenal job!!!! Our evening volunteers fell right into place and everyone pitched in for the cause. It is truly impressive what this group can accomplish.

Many hands were directly involved with this event and there are too many names to mention, but I would be remiss if I did not call attention to one person in particular. Melody Mansker, our Treasurer and Newsletter Chair and go-to person for just about everything, has been an absolute Godsend! Melody had tickets, save the dates, and invites designed and ready to go before we could say, “tickets.”  She designed our GORGEOUS program, bid sheets, table toppers, set up our slide show, assisted with checkout at the event, and offered advice and moral support all along the way. I’m certain I’ve missed some things, too!!! Melody played an integral role in the success of this event. For all that she contributed, we cannot thank her enough!!!  Thank you, Melody, for all of your time and patience and keeping us focused toward the goal! We couldn’t have done it without you! You are RSAMCC’s own Superwoman and we are blessed to have been able to work with you. It is impossible to put into words the gravity of all you have done, but please know how truly grateful Cherie and I are for every little thing!!! RSAMCC is so, so lucky to have you!!!

Gala Recap:

We got to enjoy the absolutely breathtaking saxophone playing by Living Legend Tommy Friend. The music flowed, like a summer breeze, from the conservatory and down the hall. It was amazing!!! You can often find this young man playing at Bridge Street. Keep an eye out for him next time you’re there and enjoy a real treat!

We then moved on to a lovely dinner catered by Bubba’s Silver Spoon. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly and accommodating.

Once our bellies were full, the fabulous “Free Fall” headed up our Buds and Blooms game and everyone had a blast! It’s impossible to not have fun with that game! It’s always hilarious to watch everyone freeze with their hands on their heads or their tails! We then proceeded to our live auction with our commanding auctioneer Col (R) Pat Sullivan hyping up the crowd. Free Fall brought the energy and kept everyone jamming & on their feet to close out our evening with a so-much-fun dance party!!!! We hope everyone enjoyed the evening. We all worked very hard and now the Gala Committee is going to hibernate for a week! Just kidding! We are currently working on tallying up all of our donations and will announce at the next luncheon how we did.  Stay tuned!

Brandi & Cherie